The Second Age of Satan

by Necrourgica

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The second EP of Necrourgica, Recorded August 20th through 22nd, 2014.


released August 26, 2014

Ecoas - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Synth
Vaasgoth - Drums

Produced by Phil Z. Zeo at One Wall Studio




Necrourgica Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Mystical, wild, semi-ambient, and fairly melodic in sound, not the most extreme BM out there, but hardly "Blackgaze" either. Through music, we explore the abstract connection between the feeling of dark fantasy and reality. The result lends itself to wandering, contemplation, and a sense of wonder found in the darkness of the universe. Also Satan. ... more

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Track Name: Horde
All the lay before me
All that lay behind
Stretching out on every side
We move as one in hatred
Cursing at the light
Sword and spear held to the sky
Gray tombs lining black streams
To conquer and divide
This desert of human design
Frost enshrouds the cropland
Fog chokes out the light
City's dying by our might

Empty skies above us
The earth is parched for rain
The living start to feel its pain
Plague is spread from hexes
Blight spells kill the grain
The lakes are filled the rivers drain
Igneous black poison
Makes consciousness to wane
Ghastly soldiers rip and maim
Power of the necrourgists
Those proclaimed insane
Fire placed inside their brain

This horde, this swarm of corpses,
This rippling flesh sea
Weaving spells of entropy
Tearing at the carcass
Of a dead society
I am become the rot that feasts
We have no ground to stand on
Twas' stolen from our feet
We're nihl for we've no memory
But hatred has revived us
Infused within our being
Till necrourgy sets us free
Track Name: Will-O-the-Wisp
The secret creek seems so bright tonight
Misty banks in a full moon sky
It pulls me in in like a moth to a light
Drawing nearer, things seem to multiply

Another life another place and time
A woodland morrow in the shade
Child lost in chasing birds through the sky
When a Will-o-the-wisp flies by his side

A Wonder
Then a Terror

I want to believe that it's more than just a dream
Life is more than just a dream
What lives in me cannot touch reality
So madness tempts me
From the eternity
Track Name: Defiling The Embalmed
Open the tombs for another violent lesson
Behold the ones who stole themselves
Gleaming in death, veins pervade with spiteful venom
Frozen, these cogs in the cosmic clock

Hooded figures separate the bones from flesh
Pale frames are enslaved in the unlife
The meat is brought in cauldrons to the temple's gate
To curse the vain in death with twisted form

Perverted incantations
Undead abomination
Rising from the cauldron
Colossal fiend of molten flesh
Track Name: The Second Age of Satan
O lord of darkness burn the soul away from all earth
In carnal salvation
O sweetest incense ashes of dead are absorbed
In black deprivation
A transfiguration

We are the ones who are cursed with no past
We are the ones whom the light has taken
We are the ones who have seen the sign inscribed in the stars
We are the ones for whom there is no left path left

Drum beat rises
Morning star rises
Let the cannibal magic begin

The Second Age of Satan
The Flesh of angels torn
The Second Age of Satan
A thousand gods unborn

O lords of darkness you are made one
But may the many soon return
Hear these payers faced to the ground
For my soul already burns
Give me power from filth
Give me gnosis of this world
Let the athame strike down
On all who seek your annihilation

Drum beat rises
Morning star rises
Let the cannibal magic begin

The Second Age of Satan
Flesh of angels torn
The Second Age of Satan
A thousand gods reborn