Corrode​-​Demo 2013

by Necrourgica

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God Awful Production


released November 17, 2013

Ecoas -Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Programming, Cover




Necrourgica Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Mystical, wild, semi-ambient, and fairly melodic in sound, not the most extreme BM out there, but hardly "Blackgaze" either. Through music, we explore the abstract connection between the feeling of dark fantasy and reality. The result lends itself to wandering, contemplation, and a sense of wonder found in the darkness of the universe. Also Satan. ... more

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Track Name: Corrode (demo version)

Pouring down on a world so devoid of mutability
Transforming empty stone and lighted pathways, through drowning
Certainty cold and withered now, In mercurial haze
My will dead thoughts shall raise, They shall corrode away this

And Blue yields to grey
As green long since has
Long taken away
To clear out Cain’s path

In morning, I glance to the sky now filled, thus stripped bare
In hatred, I glance bellow at the source, at false light
Out of Fear, they turned their backs on the ancient gift
Their will the gift has razed, They have taken away true

I must now leave - commune with the spirit world
I will return - sanctuary found in madness
I must now leave - I can hear ghost voices calling
I will return - They shall corrode away reality

Let the storm be my shield

Corrode away this reality
Shield me from the light
Corrode away this reality
In sorrow
Corrode away this reality
But know I’ll return
Corrode away this reality
To take back the world
Track Name: Samara (demo version)
No longing for the silence
The bliss or the release
What’s called by you damnation
Is wildernesses face
No end in sight for fury
For blood or torture's kiss
Live on ye blacked spirit
Which war eternal seeks

Minions of death
All that I see
Servants of Light’s
Fade into white
All that they seek
Phobic of Life’s