Further From the Grey

by Necrourgica

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Necrourgica's full length debut.

Merch available through Dullest Records at dullestrecords.bandcamp.com/merch


released July 29, 2016

Ecoas - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Vaasgoth - Drums

Produced by Phil Z. Zeo at One Wall Studio.
Cover by Moonroot.




Necrourgica Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Mystical, wild, semi-ambient, and fairly melodic in sound, not the most extreme BM out there, but hardly "Blackgaze" either. Through music, we explore the abstract connection between the feeling of dark fantasy and reality. The result lends itself to wandering, contemplation, and a sense of wonder found in the darkness of the universe. Also Satan. ... more

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Track Name: Gates of Gnosis
On the back of a Nightmare I ride!

Dark visions from within
Brought into this world by the power of will
Heed my will
With the aid of Satanic inspiration
My Introspection leads me on
Brings me to the gates
Gates of Gnosis

The cloak of night she melts away time
Through churning darkness onward I ride
These shadows captivate the flame in my mind
Into infinity

Face like a phantom absorbed in my reverie
Cold winds in my face conjure forth this memory
Within it I see
Gates of Gnosis

This cold
This agony
Only brings me closer to my dream

Torment of this frigid journey breeds this somber heresy
To live is to suffer...and yet I choose to live

Sacrifice light
Sacrifice sanity
Onward to truth
I can see
Gates of Gnosis
Track Name: Further From the Grey
Ancient mirror, please show to me the other side
Show me who looks into this world
From my tower in shadowed Utherspairn
I see a world of lies on earth

Staring back at me, unwittingly
A lone and disaffected youth
I can see in this boy's eyes, this isolation
Living in a world without a voice

I cast my spell to scry this one as he wanders from the screen
Out of wonder for this wonderless life I’ve seen
He turns away and leaves the room for the open air
And starts to walk along the road his thoughts on despair

The skies are grey the road is black
Thundering steel chariots are zooming past
and in his clouded mind, I can’t help but see
Another self, a younger weaker mirror of me

His mind is clouded
With hate for life
He walks to kill it
To reclaim his
Miles away and still he
Won’t turn back
Until fatigue reclaims his mind

I too was once a human, alone in drive and passion
But now I’ve left that life behind
Vowed to the churning darkness, unhinged from mortal morals
Ecoas Darcmar, since necrourgy took my life

I’m looking in as he walks away
Just to get further from the grey

Can’t shake the feeling someone's watching me
as I walk along the street
7 miles of highway, and I’m not turning back
Till darkness comes to rescue me, from insanity

I’m looking up as I walk away
Just to get further from the grey
The dark is not pure, for purity life defies
But in this life I let the moon suffice
Track Name: Corrode

Pouring down on a world so devoid of mutability
Transforming empty stone and lighted pathways, through drowning
Certainty cold and withered now, In mercurial haze
My will dead thoughts shall raise, They shall corrode away this

And Blue yields to grey
As green long since has
Long taken away
To clear out Cain’s path

In morning, I glance to the sky now filled, thus stripped bare
In hatred, I glance below at the source, at false light
Out of Fear, they turned their backs on the ancient gift
Their will the gift has razed, They have taken away true

I must now leave - commune with the spirit world
I will return - sanctuary found in madness
I must now leave - I can hear ghost voices calling
I will return - They shall corrode away reality

Let the storm be my shield

Corrode away this reality
Shield me from the light
Corrode away this reality
In sorrow
Corrode away this reality
But know I’ll return
Corrode away this reality
To take back the world
Track Name: Blooddebt
Long ago when earth was vast and dark
Demons were appeased with sacrifices of the young and old
Weeping parents mourning children conspired to free mankind
The blood they saved, that which we now owe

This blood debt can’t be denied
Empires torn from the inside
This blood debt can’t be denied

Unleashed from eons sleep
They were bound by a spell of blinding light
10,000 years gone by
They have starved for the carnage that starts when they open their eyes

Knee deep in human dead
A reminder of worms in their place
Immortal hungerers
All but the lords of this race

This blood debt can’t be denied
Empires torn from the inside
This blood debt can’t be denied
Track Name: The Weeping Ghouls
Your fears are not unfounded
As you turn your head to churning darkness
Warped branches and crooked stumps
Conceal their twisted bones and smooth dark flesh
Howling tortured sorrow, cold hopelessness

A stalker with a mind not cold
Perverse depression, the weeping ghouls watch through
These blacked eyes that pierce into your soul
To steal the warmth from your life

With a vision of dread the future comes to be
Within your mind
You know this morning was the last time you would have
the strength to rise
Not dead no never dead cursed with immortal life you sleep
And dream for them you dream at their command to feast upon your agony

Those teary eyes
Rotten from the inside
Reflect in them dim memories
A past unreal
Primordial formless fear
Gave rise to brief and sludge drenched life
Look down and scream in silence
To flaccid probosci
Etched wide in them a grim and toothless smile

They paralyze at the touch

Hallucinating past and future.
They drag you to their tombs of slumber
To rape your flesh to breed their kind
And feed upon your dreams
Track Name: Appalachian Lake
A winding mountain path has lent my soul a place to speak
I recount my journey in the pre-dawn’s peace
The wilds are alive the last that i’ll see of this world with these pure human eyes
I’m soon to become a magus of the night

Memory guides me to a temple
Where I took my first vows to study the darkness
It was seems so long ago I left my life behind
It seems so far away from this hallowed place in time

A passage to the necrolith
In the northern seas of inner space
A portal from earth is my destination
To meet for my initiation

And though a warm and earthen feeling
Has long since settled in my mind
The imminence of my destination
Revives a memory that chills me to the core

“Under the full moon’s light I was judged to understand my early lessons, and it was revealed to me the devotion of the temple was to the space between death and birth, to its knowledge and to it’s wielding for the preservation of the cosmos. The conjurations of that night still haunt me with horror and fascination, a fascination that consumed many of my peers. But in the our time, darkness belongs to the wise.”

Memory guides me to the temple
Where I took my first vows to study the darkness
It was seems so long ago I left my life behind
It seems so far away from this hallowed place in time

“I’m on the shores and the water is clear
Paralyzed by gravity of my next steps”

The sun is risen now, one last taste of the light and warmth before I take the plunge
The lake it beckons me, I cast the spell to see the door that rests beneath the deeps
Farewell to the Earth, I will come again, returned untaken to oaths of my kin
The Necrourgist’s creed, the path I walk swears me to darkness with the sun seldom seen

But not never.

The dark is not pure, for purity life defies
But in this life, I let the moon suffice