The Weeping Ghouls

from by Necrourgica

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“In which we learn of a doom for the one”


Your fears are not unfounded
As you turn your head to churning darkness
Warped branches and crooked stumps
Conceal their twisted bones and smooth dark flesh
Howling tortured sorrow, cold hopelessness

A stalker with a mind not cold
Perverse depression, the weeping ghouls watch through
These blacked eyes that pierce into your soul
To steal the warmth from your life

With a vision of dread the future comes to be
Within your mind
You know this morning was the last time you would have
the strength to rise
Not dead no never dead cursed with immortal life you sleep
And dream for them you dream at their command to feast upon your agony

Those teary eyes
Rotten from the inside
Reflect in them dim memories
A past unreal
Primordial formless fear
Gave rise to brief and sludge drenched life
Look down and scream in silence
To flaccid probosci
Etched wide in them a grim and toothless smile

They paralyze at the touch

Hallucinating past and future.
They drag you to their tombs of slumber
To rape your flesh to breed their kind
And feed upon your dreams


from Further From the Grey, released July 29, 2016




Necrourgica Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Mystical, wild, semi-ambient, and fairly melodic in sound, not the most extreme BM out there, but hardly "Blackgaze" either. Through music, we explore the abstract connection between the feeling of dark fantasy and reality. The result lends itself to wandering, contemplation, and a sense of wonder found in the darkness of the universe. Also Satan. ... more

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