Further From the Grey

from by Necrourgica

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“In which we ascend the mountain, and converge”


Ancient mirror, please show to me the other side
Show me who looks into this world
From my tower in shadowed Utherspairn
I see a world of lies on earth

Staring back at me, unwittingly
A lone and disaffected youth
I can see in this boy's eyes, this isolation
Living in a world without a voice

I cast my spell to scry this one as he wanders from the screen
Out of wonder for this wonderless life I’ve seen
He turns away and leaves the room for the open air
And starts to walk along the road his thoughts on despair

The skies are grey the road is black
Thundering steel chariots are zooming past
and in his clouded mind, I can’t help but see
Another self, a younger weaker mirror of me

His mind is clouded
With hate for life
He walks to kill it
To reclaim his
Miles away and still he
Won’t turn back
Until fatigue reclaims his mind

I too was once a human, alone in drive and passion
But now I’ve left that life behind
Vowed to the churning darkness, unhinged from mortal morals
Ecoas Darcmar, since necrourgy took my life

I’m looking in as he walks away
Just to get further from the grey

Can’t shake the feeling someone's watching me
as I walk along the street
7 miles of highway, and I’m not turning back
Till darkness comes to rescue me, from insanity

I’m looking up as I walk away
Just to get further from the grey
The dark is not pure, for purity life defies
But in this life I let the moon suffice


from Further From the Grey, released July 29, 2016




Necrourgica Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Mystical, wild, semi-ambient, and fairly melodic in sound, not the most extreme BM out there, but hardly "Blackgaze" either. Through music, we explore the abstract connection between the feeling of dark fantasy and reality. The result lends itself to wandering, contemplation, and a sense of wonder found in the darkness of the universe. Also Satan. ... more

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